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Killer Angel

Rank: Team leader and organizer of team NVA.
Age: 15
AirsoftZone Name: Killer Angel
    TM M16A2 w/ PDI barrel enforcer, TN 6.04mm barrel, and Systema Standard FTK (350fps)

       Mil Issue E-LBV
       Mil Issue 2 1/4" Web Belt
       2x Mil Issue Canteens w/ Canteen Holders
       Mil Issue set of BDUs in Woodland Camo
       Mil Issue Boonie Hat

Personal Description:
    The military has taken over my life. A future Marine, I have been playing with toy guns since I was 3, shooting real ones since I was 8. I Study military manuals and read military novels in my free time, as well as play 1st person shooters such as Opflash: Resistance and Ghost Recon. Thank god for airsoft, cuz paintball just wasnt doin it for me.